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It is the act of evaluation and analysis of various scenarios and their effect on the project objectives.

Usually,  Schedule Network Analysis is done to see the impact of these possible scenarios on the project schedule.

Example - 

As I am writing thing article there is a prevailing Covid-19 situation worldwide that has impacted many businesses in terms of productivity and resource availability. As we know all industries (e.g. construction) can not be operated easily from a virtual workspace and if it is done it doesn't happen without perils.

You can have scenarios like -

1. What is the lock-down is not over till year-end.
2. What if there is a vaccine launched successfully.
3. What if people in my industry are quarantined.
4. What if the Architect quits
5. What if there is 50% less budget available than allocated earlier

The list goes on and as a project manager, you have to be judicious enough to figure out what could impact the schedule.

It belongs to the tool category - Data analysis

Where it is Used

Process Groups

Monitoring & Controlling

Knowledge Areas

Project Schedule Mgmt.


   Develop Schedule
   Control Schedule

Process Group
Knowledge Area
Project Schedule Mgmt.
Develop Schedule
Monitoring & Controlling
Control Schedule

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