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"It might be the easiest thing if you prepare well and it might be the hardest thing if you are unprepared. Mathematical questions fetch the highest score in PMP® Certification Test and make it extremely difficult to qualify PMP® without a thorough grasp on them, no matter what".

PMP® is a psychometric test. All questions are not scored equally. There are a total of 200 questions, of which 25 of the are not scored. They are used for a trial by PMI. But as an aspirant, you wouldn't have a clue on which are not evaluated, and hence you have to answer them all. 

The difficulty level of all the questions is not the same.  Questions keep on getting harder as you start answering them correctly and your score shoots up accordingly. mathematical questions are treated as some of the hardest questions in the PMP® test and that is rather a piece of good news, since if you manage to answer them well, you will score pretty high, and can easily come up with flying colors n your certification test. 

It is sometimes found that PMI can quote and refer to some areas of quantitative areas in project management that are not explicitly mentioned or elaborated in detail in the PMBOK but asked in the test nevertheless and no doubts they stand out as the tough nuts to crack for good. 

One such example is calculating the Standard Deviation of the estimates in a schedule using the  Triangular / PERT method. While there is no rocket science about it, but people from non-mathematical / tactical backgrounds are thrown off guard and even some folks from engineering streams struggle in the Pearson VUE examination hall.

Acknowledging the importance of mathematical questions (a.k.a. PMP Math), I have prepared a list of all the formulas that are required for PMP with their brief explanations.  It has been covered extensively, with a complete list of 98 mathematical formulas covering all areas in project management you will ever encounter in the PMP. It gives me immense pleasure that people from more than 44 countries are already using it (Free). I can assure you that you will be able to answer 100% of all the mathematical questions in the test thus paving your way to becoming certified.  In case you have any queries you can ask me here.

Get your free of the PMP Math formulas copy HERE.

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